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Marks & Spencer

It’s been a great week for us here at MK Conferencing, we started the week with a 2 day conference for Marks & Spencer who were an absolute pleasure to work with and thankfully everything went incredibly smoothly! With over 100 people attending on Day 1 and 80 on Day 2, it definitely kept us busy with all the technical elements involved in pulling off such a successful and interactive conference.

It was all about customer service and how to enhance a customers experience, the team did a great job of keeping everyone’s attention with a range of different videos and activities to keep the energy in the room! It was great to be involved in running such a well organised conference and see so many people engaged and debating how best to deal with certain situations and make their customers feel special.

As well as being joined by Nandos, Optimity Advisors, Venners and Healthwatch MK, it’s been a busy week but a great one at that. We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and don’t hesitate to get into contact if you are looking to book an event or meeting, we would love to be able to help you make it a success!

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Zero Hour Staff Opportunities

We are in constant need of zero hour staff that are interested in setting up conferences and events in our meeting rooms for a wide range of different businesses.

Some of your roles would include setting up beforehand, looking after a conference throughout it’s duration, and packing down the room afterwards to be used for other purposes. You will be looking after the meetings and seeing to their needs to ensure they enjoy their time with us! You will need to be confident and friendly when welcoming clients as well as a good team worker to be able to support each other during large events when you may have to work longer hours.

If you would be interested in working in a friendly, welcoming environment and prepared to work flexible hours we would love to hear from you. Send us an email with a copy of your CV and telling us a bit about yourself and why you would like to work here!


Foster Carers Awards Evening

Foster Carers Awards Evening

On Monday evening we had the pleasure of hosting the Foster Carer Awards Evening, joined by over 100 people, it was a fantastic evening of celebration and recognition for the people that dedicate their lives to helping and caring for those in need.

We were joined by some amazing people including a couple that had been foster carers for 45 years, impacting hundreds of children’s lives! Their time and contribution towards helping young people is unmistakably great and it was amazing to see them get something back for all they’ve done for the local community.


20% Discount

We are always looking to welcome new customers and clients to our venue, so if it is your first time booking with us, we would love to give you 20% off Room Hire for your first event or meeting!

From a big annual conference to a smaller more private team meeting we will have the room for you, with inbuilt screens and projectors, holding an event couldn’t be easier! We like to pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and we are prepared to match any lower prices you might be able to find elsewhere.

We have a great range of rooms to fit all sorts of purposes so send us an email if you would like to pay us a visit and have a look around the building to find out if we have what you are looking for. We would love to hear from you!

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Happy Thursday! We’re pleased to welcome Nandos MK this afternoon in our Ridley Suite, it’s all set for their arrival!

Our Ridley Suite has a great spacious feel with modern technology including an inbuilt projector and screen making presenting as easy as just plugging in and getting started! With Tea, Coffee & Biscuits ready on arrival, we take the stress out of organising conferences. Send us an email to find out more about all our other rooms, we would love to show you around!

NHSBT Blood Donors (1)

NHS Blood & Transplant: Blood Donations

On Monday 4th April 2016, we will be delighted to have NHS Blood & Transplant with us for the day for one of their blood donation sessions. It’s a great opportunity to help those in need if you can and give something back to the community! Our onsite coffee shop, Strudwicks, are offering a small coffee and a cake for £3.00 for all blood donors and NHS Staff. Follow this link to find out more and register if you haven’t already!

We look forward to seeing you all Monday!


MK Exhibition

We are delighted to announce that MKCC will be the official venue for the next MK Exhibition on 17th October 2014! See highlights from the 30th April 2014 event.

MK Exhibition is an event focused on providing a relaxed environment where visitors can find out about local businesses, charities and the community.

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MK Exhibition

This year MKCC are proud to be hosting this years MK Exhibition. You are invited to join our relaxed, informative event where we will be intentionally mixing business with pleasure in order to provide local businesses with a unique opportunity to show what they do best, by showcasing their talents and services, offering free samples and giving you the benefit of their expertise.

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Gem Bespoke Catering

We are a small and growing family business, primarily run as a Mother (Gina) and daughter (Rachael) team, based around Milton Keynes.

Gina has varied experience in catering and has been running a catering business for 10 years. Rachael has now joined forces with mum, and together they have formed a new, full time business, trading as Gem Bespoke Catering.

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