Introducing Ice Breakers

Have you ever been to a conference where you nearly fell asleep because you had to sit still for a solid 2 hours listening to a whole host of facts and figures? It’s incredibly hard to keep people’s attention for a prolonged period of time so here is our unique approach to this issue….

We are trialling a new initiative and introducing some great ice breakers that are available to anyone who books a room with us! Make use of a Giant Connect 4, Table Football and a range of interactive games as well as a selection of card games. Not only helping people to stay active and engaged throughout the day but providing a great opportunity to network and practise the art of teamwork.

Email or call us now to enquire about how you could make your event one of a kind!

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New Job Opportunity

I’m pleased to let you know about a great opportunity to join the team here at MK Conferencing. A vacancy has arisen for the post of Conferencing Coordinator. Our conference team welcome thousands of visitors each year from various sector.  If you are an organised person who is sales focused, and keen to be involved in event management then this post could be for you!

To apply please email with your cover letter and CV. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01908 553 063.

Closing date for the position is 16th December

Conferencing Coordinator Job Description


21st – 23rd November 2016

Happy Friday!

It’s been a hectic but great week for us here at MK Conferencing, we’ve been joined by a whole host of companies including CIPD, MK Diabetes Care, Sainsbury’s and Argos.

They’ve all been amazingly successful events and it was great to work with the Sainsbury’s team for the first time. We are starting a new initiative of introducing the use of interesting ice breakers and games to help enhance networking at events. This includes access to a Table Football, Giant Connect 4 and Air Hockey to help bring people together and get everyone working together. This worked great for Sainsbury’s and brought an amazing atmosphere of team building and fun as people made the most of their break times and had a great time at the conference!

We have a range of different games available for you to use, you would just need to enquire when making the booking and we are more than happy to help with any requests. We look forward to hearing from you!


RIA – 8th November

It was a very busy Tuesday for us here at MK Conferencing with over 160 delegates attending a conference for the Railway Industry Association as part of the Unlocking Innovation Scheme. There was a jam packed schedule prepared with Unlimited Tea, Coffee, Biscuits & Orange Juice and a delicious 2 Course Finger Buffet Lunch by our caterers

It was an opportunity for networking and sharing of innovative ideas to improve the rail industry and solve certain problems the different organisations may be facing. It was also great to hear from a young entrepreneur, Ross Kemp, about his journey to success with his business ‘Asap Water Crafts’. It just showed how much persistence it takes to get the support to be able to launch a product and the trials that can be learn’t from to build a better business. It was an incredibly smooth running day and we look forward to having them back soon!


Job Fair at MKCC

On Wednesday 28th September, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Job Centre to MK Conferencing Centre for a morning of information for employers and a great opportunity for local people in the community to look at the work opportunities available to them.

There was a great turn out and amazing atmosphere with lots of great discussions taking place and positive changes to be shared.

It was a pleasure to work with such friendly and appreciative people, we hope everyone enjoyed their time with us and we hope to see everyone back soon!

Sci-Fi Con Pan

Sci-Fi Con MK 2016

Last Saturday, we got the opportunity to host Sci-Fi Con MK 2016, Collectormania’s replacement since they pulled out of MK.

It was incredibly successful with over 200 people coming to pay a visit throughout the day with a whole host of activities, demonstrations and gaming areas for everyone to enjoy.

It was really great to see so many people come together to share a common interest, there were some amazing costumes on show and a great atmosphere for everyone involved.

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Marks & Spencer

It’s been a great week for us here at MK Conferencing, we started the week with a 2 day conference for Marks & Spencer who were an absolute pleasure to work with and thankfully everything went incredibly smoothly! With over 100 people attending on Day 1 and 80 on Day 2, it definitely kept us busy with all the technical elements involved in pulling off such a successful and interactive conference.

It was all about customer service and how to enhance a customers experience, the team did a great job of keeping everyone’s attention with a range of different videos and activities to keep the energy in the room! It was great to be involved in running such a well organised conference and see so many people engaged and debating how best to deal with certain situations and make their customers feel special.

As well as being joined by Nandos, Optimity Advisors, Venners and Healthwatch MK, it’s been a busy week but a great one at that. We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and don’t hesitate to get into contact if you are looking to book an event or meeting, we would love to be able to help you make it a success!

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Zero Hour Staff Opportunities

We are in constant need of zero hour staff that are interested in setting up conferences and events in our meeting rooms for a wide range of different businesses.

Some of your roles would include setting up beforehand, looking after a conference throughout it’s duration, and packing down the room afterwards to be used for other purposes. You will be looking after the meetings and seeing to their needs to ensure they enjoy their time with us! You will need to be confident and friendly when welcoming clients as well as a good team worker to be able to support each other during large events when you may have to work longer hours.

If you would be interested in working in a friendly, welcoming environment and prepared to work flexible hours we would love to hear from you. Send us an email with a copy of your CV and telling us a bit about yourself and why you would like to work here!


Foster Carers Awards Evening

Foster Carers Awards Evening

On Monday evening we had the pleasure of hosting the Foster Carer Awards Evening, joined by over 100 people, it was a fantastic evening of celebration and recognition for the people that dedicate their lives to helping and caring for those in need.

We were joined by some amazing people including a couple that had been foster carers for 45 years, impacting hundreds of children’s lives! Their time and contribution towards helping young people is unmistakably great and it was amazing to see them get something back for all they’ve done for the local community.