Marks & Spencer

It’s been a great week for us here at MK Conferencing, we started the week with a 2 day conference for Marks & Spencer who were an absolute pleasure to work with and thankfully everything went incredibly smoothly! With over 100 people attending on Day 1 and 80 on Day 2, it definitely kept us busy with all the technical elements involved in pulling off such a successful and interactive conference.

It was all about customer service and how to enhance a customers experience, the team did a great job of keeping everyone’s attention with a range of different videos and activities to keep the energy in the room! It was great to be involved in running such a well organised conference and see so many people engaged and debating how best to deal with certain situations and make their customers feel special.

As well as being joined by Nandos, Optimity Advisors, Venners and Healthwatch MK, it’s been a busy week but a great one at that. We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and don’t hesitate to get into contact if you are looking to book an event or meeting, we would love to be able to help you make it a success!

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