Event promotion… keep it simple!

So you have vision, for a big, successful perfectly run event, you plan and organise every little detail,  the day rolls around and … no one turns up.

It’s every event organiser’s nightmare, so what could you have done better to make sure that your delegates actually appear on the day?

  • Time – Give yourself at least 2 weeks to get the word out, the general rule is the larger the event the more time needed to advertise it.
  • Keep it simple – information overload is a killer. All that’s needed is date, time, where, what and why? You don’t want to give too much away.
  • Be clear – Make it obvious who they contact to register, one number and one e-mail address.
  • Be original – Use your imagination for your campaign, stand out!
  • Advertise, Advertise, Advertise! – Facebook, websites, meetings, e-mail shots, get the word out and remind them over and over!
  • ‘MIMO’ (Miss It Miss Out) – Make it clear to your potential delegates that if they don’t go they’ll miss out big time!
  • Be Personable – Tell as many as you can face to face about the day, this is more memorable, word of mouth is your best friend.
  • Who? – Think about who you’re event is for and make the promo specific to your audience.

Of course we can never plan what might happen on the day but the key is to cover every eventuality.

So get promoting and good luck!

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